sabato, novembre 05, 2005

Tunnel dell'Economist a Maradona

Ogni tanto The Economist ci ricorda il grande giornale che era. Ad esempio nell'editoriale del numero scorso, che dedica queste righe al nuovo intellettuale di riferimento dei bamba.

«November 4th George Bush will escape the febrile atmosphere along Pennsylvania Avenue by visiting Argentina to attend the 34-country Summit of the Americas. There he will be greeted by a rally against “imperialism”, by which is meant him personally, the Iraq war and the Free Trade Area of the Americas which he espouses. Among the hoped-for 50,000 demonstrators will be Diego Maradona, who as a footballer became rich through the game's global market and as a cocaine-addict was dependent on barrier-busting international trade; and naturally his fellow-summiteer, Hugo Chávez, who is using trade in high-priced oil to finance his “21st-century socialism” in Venezuela».

Tre a zero, game over.